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    These pictures were a pain to get because my fish are all brat.

    Finally got my tank to something I’m proud of! I’m only lacking some foliage for the surface, I think. I’m leaning heavily towards clearing out the sand too, but I don’t have the money for a vacuum, so the sand stays for now. I found this lovely wolf bowl while at a yard sale the other day, and almost immediately decided it had to house my plants, which were previously just drifting. After that, it only seemed natural to put the air bubbles in with the plants. I love the way the bubbles look, though the babies are a little curious about them still.

    Size pictures for everybody so that we can compare next time, how does everybody do these so efficiently, holy crap. The fish were like, “OMG NO MOM I HATE YOU WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME I AM RUNNING AWAY AND JOINING THE CIRCUS”

    Prize has grown to be a pretty big boy. C: I wish I had a picture of how small he was at the start! Roughly the size of Tremello, I think.

    Olive was the easiest to get on camera because she loves showing off her freckles and her single button eye.

    Tremello is tiny and the biggest brat, but he looks like a toasted marshmallow so he gets away with it. :3

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