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    Finally got the light for my tank! Because I already had a nice hood, all I needed was a bulb, but I didn’t know that until we moved, upon which we found out the bulb alone was $40, an expense we could only recently afford.

    The first fish is Olive. Olive was a Wal-Mart fish, and while I don’t usually like buying from Wal-Mart, our Wal-Mart is upgrading to a superstore very soon and getting rid of the fish section, so I wanted these guys to go to a good home. I fell in love with this gal because she reminds me of pizza. She’s the most outgoing and curious (hence all the photos of her), and she was named for her solid black eye, like olive on a pizza!

    The second (and “alpha”) fish is Prize. He was won, but the fish were donated to a Relay for Life, and they were just grateful to see him go to a good home. (In fact, even if I hadn’t won him, they were going to give him to me.) He’s more somber, and I feel bad for the guy, since he was partnered with Spook, who died recently. These two babes seem to have really cheered him, though, and they follow him like puppies. His color has really started to glow! And I’m proud of him, because he got sick a while back and I nursed him to health again. Those healthy fins make me so happy.

    The last and smallest and shyest is Tremello, who was named by Bradley, and I like the name because he kind of looks like a burnt marshmallow, haha! He’s timid, but I’ve seen him dart and dare, so I think once he gets some size to him, he’ll be bolder. He was acquired alongside Olive.

    They are, as far as I can tell, all fantails, though the two smallest are still hesitant to claim for sure. I wish I had something a bit fancier, but these guys are plenty charming, and I might add a final tankmate in with them eventually. They’re housed in a 55 gallon tank with lots of filtration, though I have decided I don’t care for the sand and will probably go bare bottom as soon as I can get a few plants in so the tank doesn’t seem so barren.


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      $40 bulb o.0 I must be a cheapskate because I don’t spend more than like $14 for each of the bulbs on my 55 XD These...
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      Olive has pretty colours! ^_^ And going bare-bottom is a good idea. Personally, I think that’s the best way to keep a...
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