Both my classes were cancelled today, and I go in to work at two, unlike normal days where I in during the morning. I was surprised to learn that my first class was cancelled. I already knew the second was going to be. So when my entire morning suddenly freed up unexpectedly, I felt like it was probably for a good reason.

I found that reason a few minutes later on Tumblr. Andy, someone I respect and admire very much, is honoring the memory of someone very important to him today. I know that feeling; it’s the reason I still do the same thing every year on my father’s birthday. 

Andy is making purple cupcakes to give out to random passerbys. I don’t have the resources to get off campus or to buy cupcake stuff even if I did, so I went across the street to the on-campus convenience store and bought some cookies to do something similar, and Mumford the lion is helping me bake. I’m sorry they aren’t purple, Brittany (and Andy), but I hope a little more spreading of kindness will make today easier for you.