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    I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "All I've ever wanted is to help Jessie win a Kindle with her awesome Ramona Flowers costume." I knew it! Just click this link and "like" the picture! →

    It’s a Kindle, guys. A Kindle! I would really love to win a Kindle, even though I have a derpy face. So perhaps help me out and do the above and maybe reblog if you’re feeling particularly kindly.

    I love you all.

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      I know I have some fans of Scott Pilgrim following me, so you guys should at least check out Jessie’s awesome Ramona...
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      sorry to keep reblogging this but free Kindle and this is going on all weekend I think so I’m just going to keep...
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      Hey guys! You should all go like this picture because this lady is awesomesauce and deserves a Kindle.
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      There was a costume contest on campus and, forgive me Gryffindors, but you know what it’s like to have a competitive...
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      So our tech commons had a costume contest, and my momma Jessie really wants a kindle, so go vote for her? :3